Fawful starts night 5 again for like the 100th time just to get wierd things happening! I check Pirates Cove and fox is already out ready to run. Then I switch to the show stage and everybody is gone, Bonnie is in the dining area staring at the camera. I can hear chica in the kitchen so I go back to my office and then I hear Freddy's laugh three times in less than a minute before I see him walking down the right side it immediately I shut the door. And then at the same time both Bonnie and Chica both run down the always. So I wait for them to come and look into my office so I could shut the door on them. Well I forget all about Freddy When I close the door he was already in the room because when I close the door I heard the laugh really loudly and yet within a few seconds I had a Freddy Fazbear in my face. I then play One More Time and it takes less than an hour meaning during 12 a.m. I'm already dead as Bonnie is eating my face. :/

I then go to play Fly Like a Bird 3 when there is a lot of people today but yet a lot when being mean. Angry used the name Bonnie to imitate my YouTube video on the Five Nights at Freddy's Reborn game. Also someone with the name synthetic with hating on everyone including angry.

Idk what else to say?