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About Me

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Hi i am fαωfυl! I am a friend of nigel and i play fly like a bird 3 with him. I am usally in cityscape 1 in the game if you want to see me. I'm almost always a starling. I have a disguise name called k-mart.

How did i get the name fawful? Well it's simple, google search fawful, and look to see for yourself! I have FURY!

Angry swan just made fun of my name !!!

Well I was playing Fly Like a Bird 3 in cityscape one and angry Swan comes and clones my fawful name and then I changed my name to K-mart. And then angry decided to clone me but the name was then Walmart! What in the world is going on on Fly Like a Bird 3 honestly he is gone insane sometimes and I don't know why. Angry Swan is just gone nuts cloning people and making fun of their names sometimes but that's always him.

hi, idk how to leave a comment it wont let me for some reason. angry has always been "Wrong in the head". check out some of his "posts" on my wiki if you need proof. he doesn't just clone names, trust me, he's done much worse.

also, keep an eye out in case he comes to ur Wiki, he tried to ruin mine last summer.



Just few easy things to get flab3 on mobile. 1. Download aptoide. 2. Search fly like a bird 3. 3. Go to versions and find 1.9 4. Download fly like a bird. 5. You are in, multiplayer should now work! It even connects to the ravenwoods server but you are playing the old fly like a bird 3 game.

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